Bugs On Quest Rewards

Today on 9/6/18 I did a multitude of quests and spent time attempting to get 1000 gems so as to unlock the dark hero Lord Zomm. Once I reached 1000 gems, I went to the event shop, bought the tokens I needed and summoned Zomm. However, when I went to his character page, the game gave me a pop up that said "Out of Sync" then went on to reload the game. Once it finished loading, it said I had completed all the quests I had done, I only had 930 gems and couldn't get the last 70 within time, so I didn't get the quest rewards, and I checked to see if Zomm was in my roster, and sure enough, I still had 78 tokens instead of him summoned. So, all I ask is for Zomm. You can keep the XP options and Honer I used for the quests, just let me have Zomm please.


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