Dungeons overviews

Running dungeons more than 1000 days has made me start collecting a few informations one day.
I am still enjoying this game and its community.
Every guilds collecting and sharing their informations and knowledges ... nowaday i want to share one of my spreadsheets.
Team suggestions are only suggestions ... a lot of ways can be walked through that game. 😉
Hope you enjoy it and maybe can be help.


  • How much time was put into this? You seem potential over at the wiki.
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    Awesome! Thanks for putting together this data.

    If you’d like a project for your next 1,000 days, Ive always been interested in sparkly and evo drop rates.

    Certain dungeon types have different proportions of rooms that CANNOT drop sparklies. I believe Crypt dungeons have the highest proportion of sparkly-possible rooms.

    Dungeons with the highest number of rooms with <4 enemies have the highest evo drop rates with a higher likelihood for a particular evo. Later dungeons prioritize Monarach while earlier favor Larva.

    Not asking you @ClaraR to retest the dungeons, but if anyone is interested in undertaking such an analytical survey of the dungeons, it would be appreciated.
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