Tower AG graniteform taunt

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I just encountered this, in tower AG stone form had the taunt, during the whole fight the taunt remained on him. Thought previous patch weeks ago already removed the possibility of taunt on his stone form, or am I miss something ?


  • Likely a visual bug. Graniteform grants Buff & Debuff immunity as of today.
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  • Yes, but like I said the whole fight AG had the taunt even in his normal form, not visual bug.
  • it's a bug and not a universal one.
    I encountered a taunt rune on an Agnon in tower or PVP yesterday, I saw the taunt as my heroes approached, Agnon went into stone form and taunt disappeared.
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    This is interesting. I'm not able to get this to happen in my game, but a screenshot is a screenshot. I'll have it looked at.
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