Patch Notes: September 20th, 2018 (Ember & Phenol Reworks!)

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Hey folks!

We've got a few fixes and reworks today. In addition, we've got a poll to decide the name of the upcoming Kozar Bonebreaker skin! Please remember to vote on it before 10am CST on Monday, September 24th.

Ember Sanguine Rework:
  • Attack-, Defense-, Health+, Skill +
  • Fire Mend now buffs allies attack, then does a ranged attack on all enemies and heals allies based on a percentage of the damage dealt by that attack. Cooldown has been reduced from 6 to 4.
  • Cauterize now cleanses all debuffs on a target ally and then heals them. If targeting an enemy, this ability will do a ranged fire attack on them that purges all buffs on hit. On a killing blow or targeting a corpse, the corpse will be removed. Cooldown has been reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Perpetual Flame has now resurrects all dead Fire allies, then buffs ALL allies, heals them, and heals them more each turn for 3 turns. This ability starts powered.
  • Ember no longer has the Pwn Undead passive.
  • Ember no longer has the Turn a Blind Eye passive.
  • Ember no longer has the Master Healer passive.
  • Ember now gets the Cloak of Fire passive, which give all allies immunity to Burn and lets them take 50% less damage from Fire attacks.
  • Ember now gets the Feed the Flames passive, which allows Fire allies to heal based on the amount of damage they deal to enemies. This amount increases as Ember is ascended (10% unascended, 15% ascended once, 25% ascended twice).
  • Ember now gets the Fire Priestess ability, which gives her attacks a base chance to burn enemies on a hit (25% unascended, 50% ascended, 100% ascended twice). In addition, after being ascended once, the ability also gives Ember an amount of damage reduction for each other Fire ally on her team (5% per ally when ascended once, 10% per ally when ascended twice).
  • Fiery Renewal now increases the max health of all allies by 5% when an enemy becomes burned. It still has its previous functionality of increasing healing for fire allies.

Phenol Thoxian Rework:
  • Attack+, Defense+, Health+, Skill-
  • Phenol's basic attack now has the ability to target corpses and remove them.
  • Jelly Shot is now Slime Shot (which is basically just an improved Jelly Shot). Slime Shot does a ranged nature attack on all enemies with a chance to Poison them and Provokes the initial target of the ability. Cooldown: 4.
  • Jiggle now cleanses all debuffs from Phenol in addition to its previous functionality.
  • Toxic Spittle is now Absorbing Smash. Absorbing Smash does a melee physical attack that steals buffs from the target equal to the number of Gelatinous Mass stacks Phenol has. This attack cannot be dodged.
  • Phenol no longer has the Magical passive.
  • Pheno's Toxic Form passive now makes Phenol immune to Poison and Venom. In addition, it gives him a 100% base chance to Poison enemies when using basic attacks and Poison melee attackers that hit him. In addition, it allows him to remove all corpses of enemies he kills!
  • Phenol's Monstrous Growth passive has been changed so it increases his health by 10% for each monster ally on his team.
  • Phenol now gets the Gelatinous Mass passive after being ascended twice. This passive allows him to gain a stack of Gelatinous Mass whenever he hits an enemy or is hit by a physical attack (the blob grows!!!). Each stack increases his maximum health and defense by 10%. He can get up to 5 stacks, and stacks reset with each encounter in campaign. Stacks cannot be copied or stolen.

General Notes:
  • Changed the Slow icon art. Turtles rule.
  • Fixed an issue related to translated text not appearing correctly in shops and other parts of the game. As a result, some abilities will appear in English even in non-English game settings. We are working to have those abilities translated.
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