Many forum ppl said DE useless, agree he isn't as good as current dwarves meta, nor can he compare to former meta like assas, he is absolutely underwhelming, mainly bc basic stats too low, but along with these disadvantages doesn't mean he is total garbage.

I started to play DE with my friend @Worgret recently, we dug out a few diff DE combos, as following SS shown, he doesn't deal much dmg, definitely not a dmg dealer, instead he is more like a utility hero, ability 2 at T1 to reduce enemy energy, and occasionally follow ups to purge buff. for the record, some teams were learned from top players' replays, not our credit, also special note I only picked 5.5k+ rune power defenses to fight, don't tell me these defenders are weak s***. ;)

Of course there are many dumb losses as well lol :D


  • Who do you reduce the energy from (2nd ability) on a dwarven team with Emily?
  • Rocksor wrote: »
    Who do you reduce the energy from (2nd ability) on a dwarven team with Emily?

    Mainly on valkin
  • yeah, deadweight can be great versus dwarves.

    final boss had a couple of team builds for that for a while.
    Now Wrath does. We got some great theorycrafting folks there.

  • I am on the side that thinks deadeye is trash. But I only look for answers when I have problem. Maybe then I'll find deadeye
  • LafooteLafoote Member
    edited October 2018
    I runed him up and used him here and there. He's a killing machine in PvE but on the whole, there isn't enough synergy with his Follow up passive to use him in PvP. If a meta develops that Hansuke has a valuable role, then Deadeye will probably be strong as well. In the meantime, if you are going to play Deadeye, an incineration rune can increase his effectiveness.
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