Daeris Skin Name Poll!

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Hey everyone!

We're going to be releasing a new skin for Shadow Queen Daeris at some point in the relatively near future and are hoping you'll help us decide what the name should be!

We've narrowed things down to five options, which are listed in alphabetical order. Whichever has the most votes as of 10am CST this Monday, October 15th will be used as the skin's name! We will not be taking votes via chat or any other social media, so if you want to vote, it has to be here!

Daeris Skin Name Poll! 112 votes

Dark Side Daeris
9% 11 votes
Lunar Guardian Daeris
29% 33 votes
Moonbeam Daeris
6% 7 votes
Moon Priestess Daeris
32% 36 votes
Moon Queen Daeris
22% 25 votes
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