The Dwarves...

For the love of everything in this game, can we please stop buffing the dang dwarves? Did Valkin REALLY need an epic? Because I can think of about two dozen other champs that could have definitely used an epic...

It’s like they are aiming for the dwarves and the barbarians to be the only pvp teams.


  • Kind of like when beasts were absolutely dominating with Solaris and GT and then they out of nowhere give grog an epic. It’s like they see 75%+ representation in PvP and say “that’s a popular team! More people will spend money on an epic for that team because they are all already using those heroes!”

    And then balance takes another hit.
  • Hagrim doesn't have an epic yet.
  • I wish Dwarven Smackdown couldn't trigger epic attacks. I think it's potent enough that the target has all of their buffs purged and then gets punched by every person on the planet, having Therand and Valkin trigger their epics on top of that feels pretty excessive.
  • Makes knowing how to beat dwarves more valuable huh. They do need epic the game chat instead of a dwarf like delete all the ascension summon information and give us a friend chat. Valkin with epic hasn't 1me 1fight yet that I wouldn't have won with out epic. I think the point is Valkin is a top tier hero and is worth investing in/saving up for. If people were unsure before or jus anti dwarf now they know they better make time for valkin/anti valkin ideas. Shade emily valkin zomm Solaris goretusk ferno agnon hagrim hopper these r all heroes u most certainly want in ur roster
  • Just wait until they rework Zen and give him Long lasting invincibility that can't be stolen or purged. Super unbreakable heart and he could really be a nuisance in PvP. Maybe then I'll play again for a little bit. Like an hour lol
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