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I used to enjoy PvP but facing Barbs 50% of the time has ruined it for me. Boring. Do the developers honestly not care about the game anymore? Pay2play events, same ol' things, hero sorting, visual bugs, crown changes messed up, etc... seems to me there is a problem here somewhere.


  • If this can be helpful, Agnon Emily Ferno Goretusk should allow you to win (almost) all the times you face a barb defense.
  • Atleast barbs are beatable like alecat says, dwarves on the other hand seem impossible without also using dwarves
  • Like the best counter for a Shade was another Shade?
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • Agnon ferno emily zomm never worry about barbs in PvP or the tower again.
  • May I ask why Zomm, rather than Goretusk? The GT combo with above seems to be preferred.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • I use Zomm for tower and GT for pvp
  • As usual everyone misses the point. I know how to beat barbs, beasts, assassins, and dwarves. The point is how much of pvp is fighting Barbs over and over. BaF.
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    Zomm does alot more than freeze Abby and add rage to the barbs. He can purge someone late. He can disease the barbs. The barbs only end game is 2waves of pain. I have not met even a 6k shade barbs that can kill both emily n zomm turn 1. So I always have a game plan. Tusk can be dead turn 2 and done nothing but stem some bleeding by giving Dr for half turn 1 and frozen Abby off balog follow through. Zomm allows me to beat players who have elite sets while tusk has cost me 60plus streak losses jus to bad luck of dog pile. The new dwarf meta is leaning on drakk now so expect teams like Abby drakk emily valkin to b way more common and once again agnon ferno emily zomm in diff orders slays. Switch out zomm in agnon barb fights use ferno furnace emily agnon. And in valkin sweyln furnace taunt versions of barbs u switch out agnon for shade use shade ferno emily zomm. I am for the best u settle on a goretusk that's all

    Ps. I built the anti barb tusk team on camera the minute emily got updated. I don't have proof but I also believe I was first to build shade barbs. I say this to give u the understanding that I once too believed tusk agnon emily ferno was the best. But if 40streaks r all u after tusk will hold his own...but if u don't want to skip anyone then u can't settle for less than garentee wins
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