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  • Probably this whole event is just a prank, and everybody gets paid out the max reward. At least thats the last hope I have.
    P.S. don't hate so much on Joel, he's not the guy who "planned" this event.
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    The pumpkins were intended to be empty because we put the candy corn in pop-up chests this year. One thing that we have definitely learned that there is an expectation to have candy corn IN pumpkins. We underestimated how much people enjoyed that from a payout and a fun perspective.
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    Joel wrote: »
    The pumpkins were intended to be empty because we put the candy corn in pop-up chests this year. One thing that we have definitely learned that there is an expectation to have candy corn IN pumpkins. We underestimated how much people enjoyed that from a payout and a fun perspective.

    While true, the other part of this is that the empty pumpkins take the place of normal shinies that actually give you things. You gave us the largest grind you’ve ever given us and then took away one of the main stamina sources (shinies)! It’s such an obvious flaw that we’ve all been assuming it’s a bug this whole time and couldn’t even get acknowledgement before now.
  • @GalakSS I'm not hoping for much. It's more for me to be able to vent constructively. This event would be amazing with a little forethought and reasonable drop rates.

    Ultimately, it looks like Dungeon Boss is becoming pay-to-play, but I'm still in denial. What I really want is for the devs to acknowledge that drop rates are too low to reassure me that this is not the future direction of the game.
  • On top of this flaming dumpster they have the audacity to do this...

    Some people have this offer -

    While others get rewarded for spending to a higher VIP level with this -

    Been nice knowing you all. After 1100+ days, they’ve finally pushed me out.

    Any suggestions for a new game to soend my time and money on?
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    @Amkdr, Joel has been with Bossfight at least since the initial public release, and I strongly suspect that he is one of the actual developers of the game. At the the very least he has chosen to be or been assigned to be their public contact person. While "hating" may be what some "special snowflakes" may see in player responses here, perhaps even enough to send them to their "safe spaces", what I see is justified player disappointment and frustration with this specific event being expressed in a (mostly) polite, but firm fashion. Believe me, if any of us had stepped over the line, our posts would have been removed from the thread, we would receive a warning, or possibly just be "ghosted" without notice as has happened to others.

    As far as past posts of mine that directed a certain amount of "salt" toward top guilds, they probably are a result of combined envy that they are so well organized as to consistently do well in events, and frustration that my guild is not. They are doing well, and congratulations are appropriate.

    On the other hand, in order to achieve that level of success, the play style of the members is probably pretty heavily controlled for the benefit of the guild. Overall, I prefer a greater level of freedom to play as I choose, to near guaranteed top placement in events. I am introspective enough to see the root cause of past behavior and will attempt to avoid it in the future.

    TL,DR Joel knew what we were when he picked us up, apologies to potatoes, justice, aegis, etc for any past salt. Will try to do better.
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  • Joel wrote: »
    Hey everyone!

    We've made it so all dungeons now pay out a *minimum* of 5 candy corn per run/quick loot. These 5 are still increased by all multiplier boosts and will be on top of all of the other candy corn that was already in the dungeons. 5 might not sound like a lot, but because of the scale of candy corn in the shop, this matches the minimum of 10 tickets that we frequently pay out per dungeon in ticket events, and that's not accounting for the multipliers and candy corn that can be found in chests. We were thrilled to see how excited people were on the first day of the event and thought that we hit the proper balance of candy corn pretty well, but that sentiment obviously did not last. We will absolutely be taking the feedback we've gotten here and using it as we plan future events.

    AND for €5 you can buy the candy we should have given you for the event! No thank you.
    It is not a very special, special.
    I will yeah...Momdukz ™️
  • Why do some players have a $5 and $10 candy boost in the shop while others only $5? Know you guys do level/vip specific items sometimes but being both a higher VIP and game level than the person with both, I only have the $5.
  • Funny to me how mike and dbsc shown up around the same time. Since they have game has just went way down hill. This whole year has been trending downwards but since they came aboard my god this has turned into a money draining scheme masquerading as a game. You guys fix nothing with the game but yet wana throw out every money making scheme you have. How’s hero sorting coming along? Rune changes to touch runes? Fixing the fact pictures don’t show up in my game since update? Also thanks for taking away the vip 10 getting hero early. But don’t worry about the low candy corn drops people dB will sell you the fix98681c44zgl0.png
    I used to have respect for bossfight but now that’s def lost
    Fix your game and make a decent playable event once in awhile
  • Joel wrote: »
    The pumpkins were intended to be empty because we put the candy corn in pop-up chests this year. One thing that we have definitely learned that there is an expectation to have candy corn IN pumpkins. We underestimated how much people enjoyed that from a payout and a fun perspective.

    @Joel ... then whoever did the math for how much candy corn would pay out from those chests really really really blew the math (and I'm a statistician). I am really hoping the intent was not that people would have zero way to get the Slasher Drak skin without paying. If it was know that was the only way for people to pull it off ... would have been much better to make it like the Ignus Skin quest.

    I've been grinding hard for 5 days+ and with 10,000 stamina spent along with 200 raids, tower every day and 7 Heroic Pulls and one deluxe Ignus Skin Loot Pack ... I'm just now at 100,000.

    The event has been the opposite of the incredible event it always was. It has been a horrible grind with little to no joy with each run. The pumpkins were 1000 times better than the chests for way of getting candy corn. And the payouts were always so much better in the previous years than last years.

    You've never forced me to spend money to get the top reward ... I have ALWAYS been able to grind for it with my account (as I'm in the top 100 for Roster Power) ... but I don't think there is any way to get the top reward without paying for it (either through having to buy stamina or candy corn directly with cash) and that more than anything says this was NOT about expectations like you keep saying ... it was about DB not doing the math correctly on the payouts.

  • Joel wrote: »
    Hey folks,

    It's abundantly clear that we did not meet expectations with how we set up candy corn for the event. We went with smaller number scales in both payouts an the shop (skins in some shops have cost 50,000 tickets, whereas the ones here cost 9,000-12,000 candy corn), but the combination of not reliably getting candy corn with each dungeon run, even if you can occasionally get a lot, has caused both confusion and disappointment. We are looking into tweaks that we can make to the event and will most likely have an update tomorrow.

    LOL classic response. They act surprised this "event" didn't meet their or the players' expectations. hahaha.

    Again, why am I still posting here. I haven't played in months. Ok good luck to everyone, hope you guys get something decent out of all of this.
  • seriously Joel people sick of the money drain at such a huge extent you guys are doing. Every major guilds chats are filled with people wanting to quit. You guys may also like the individual leaderboards but to be honest having those in every event is killing the game. Especially when it’s who can spend more all the time not who can play more. Believe it or not spenders do get sick of spending at some point.
  • Will the skin come to the store tomorrow?
    eg hansuke's skin
  • @Joel ... sorry I need to add one more thing DB offers nothing up for the loss of the 20% bonus for CC to everyone from the error yesterday with Executum not working? Not even a mention of it.

    And then it is followed up with a day were all 3 skins are mostly defensive skins which means even autorunning with them takes significantly longer when everyone is already up in arms over the lack of ability to get candy ... you increase the manual run time????
  • Will the skin come to the store tomorrow?
    eg hansuke's skin

    No, event ends tomorrow. All skins that will be in the shop are already there or gone when they stopped their feature. Hasuke's skin will not be for purchase
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    @Joel This response with 1 day left is so insulting to the players who, have loyally supported this game that I can't event describe it. Let's say it actually worked and the minimums with boosts were now 20 per dungeon which they aren't. That's still 7500 dungeons to run almost 40000 stamina. I'm done, not a cent more. Kiss the thousands of dollars I used to spend on this game goodbye. You can whip a horse to death.
    I can no longer decide from day to day what to think of this game.... and that is frustrating
    I can no longer stand the direction of this game nor the insulting way issues are dealt with
  • Lieto wrote: »
    Too much content is behind a pay wall and the event was boring...

    So the suggestion is to fix that, not to revive the event next year (if there is a next year for this game) and move the laughable amounts of candy into pumpkins...
    Agreed ... same amount of Candy Corn coming from pumpkins with no chests would have yielded the same reaction ... would not make it better.

  • OhtOht Member
    @Joel Ouch. So poorly planned, so poorly executed. So poorly apologized for. I just can't believe it wasn't fully planned out. Seriously..'we added 5 to each'....LOL. Just ouch.
  • Red gaping hole
  • I kinda wanted that Yorick skin, but, not enough candy corn... This was a big flop other than the zomm skin quest...
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    But here's a bit of advice
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    You'd go from hero to human sacrifice
  • @Joel Please understand that most active players weren’t expecting to compare this Halloween event to other recent DB events. They were basing expectations off of previous Halloween events. The Halloween events were legendary in the DB universe, so the details of these events have been shared quite broadly among players and guildmembers. It would have been better if you had just explained all the changes upfront. Consider that last year, over 50 guilds reached 3million candy corn and even more reached 2.5million. This year, 6 guilds are on track to reach 2.5million. So the event was clearly designed to pay out less candy corn while keeping major rewards thresholds the same. Wish you had just been honest about this upfront. It’s very disappointing event after such great Halloween events in the past.
  • Based on the, erm, "response" to the feedback that the community offered, I left a review on the app store. It wasn't exactly positive. This game is not a 4.6 right now and i think prospective players should be aware before they dive in all excited and buy that damned Willow bundle...
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