Having a hard time with his epic

I want to unlock shades epic but i find very difficult to complete since i have not defeated the Pestilence spiral (i think that's the correct name of the dungeon). Im lvl 62 and my good heroes are runed up nicely (far from perfect)... but yet it is so hard for me to complete it!
Does anyone has any sujestions?
Btw do i have to run the dungeon with Shade in order to get his epic?
I will admire your help,
Thank you and have a nice weekend!😉


  • Yes you need Shade, and you have to manually run the dungeon. I recommend you put him in the first slot. He does not have to survive, just be in the starting team.

    If you're having trouble beating the dungeon, level up and/or add better runes, and try again.

    The Undead are quite good for running this dungeon, as they can't be diseased. Alternately Emily, Valkin and Dagrund work well. Two of them can't be debuffed, and Dhaegon cleanses his own debuffs each turn (one a turn).

    Several enemies here are immune to dark attacks, so avoid them if you're having problems.

    Other possible team members: Furnace plus Emily, Dagrund or Bauble, a water team with Yasmin as the healer, or beasts including Solaris.

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