Persistence Vs. Tenacity

If one player is persistent, and the another tenacious, is there a difference? Both persistent and tenacious players possess a will and a drive that refuses to give up when faced with difficult challenges, but there is actually a great difference.

A persistent player won’t give up. They may try to achieve their goal by using the same method over and over and over again, hoping that it will eventually work. No matter how non – productive it is, they will keep grinding and using that same process - hoping that it will eventually help them achieve their goal. They may even be perceived as a champion and a hard worker. But what are they really achieving? They may be achieving nothing but hard work. They would do better by working smarter, not harder.

On the other hand, a tenacious player, is not tied to a specific method to accomplish a goal. The tenacious player achieves a goal by realizing that effort alone is not the measure of success. Rather than using the same method over and over and over again, they will modify their approach to their best advantage. They are flexible and will try different methods until they find one that works. They are not simply persistent, but rather, are smarter in their persistence.

Let’s say two players are in competition for an event.

Each player is told to whack the boss and cause as much damage as possible with the heroes they have on hand. They use the same team at first; Craw, Malice, Sifu, and Emily. They grind and earn a score.

The persistent player does not question their approach. They may be experiencing fatigue from the long hours in game, but they believe that their continual repetitive method will help them to finish first. They may even ignore the community concern and put in a little money/gems for a boost to ensure their success. They are working hard. But the fact remains, they are simply doing the same thing over and over and over again for only a marginal return.

The Persistent Player:

The tenacious player realizes they are not really getting anywhere on the leader board. They begin to question the method in which they employ. They are playing for fun and would just like a better reward. But grinding for long hours using the same team seems boring, and drab, and gives little benefit. It does nothing more than cause fatigue. The tenacious player begins to experiment, to find a better way. With the tools at their disposal, they seek to achieve their goal in the most efficient manner possible.

The Tenacious Player:

That said, what are you? Are you simply persistent? Do you just follow the leader and do what you are told? Do you strive to do the minimum and then go about your day? Or are you Tenacious? Do you like to experiment? Do you want to compare ideas, work as a team, and find a better way to achieve a goal?

Persistent players: Please stay where you are, you are doing great! Keep playing and improving and learning.

Tenacious Players: Add Beckerbear or WarriorQueenD on the LINE app and join in on the fun which is Potato Army.

Special thanks to the Leaders and officers of the families I have played with who have taught me this lesson. You know who you are.
Just another nerd in the herd!


  • Your definition of persistence is the same as the definition of Insanity!
  • WTH do you really need to diminish one guilds effort to pump up yours?
  • This seems like a recruiting thread, can it be moved to the guild hall? I know it’s asking a lot but this tenacious group has somehow overlooked guidelines yet again as to where things go, must be all that tenacity flowing in the Idaho soil.

    If this is any response to the things I have been vocal about and you would like to slight me over my truths please feel free to message me on line (line ID: VVOLFSTUFF)

  • This thread has nothing to do with guild or family superiority. If you are a tenacious player, one who approaches the riddles the dev's give us differently, someone with knowledge and ideas, we encourage you to apply and join our family.
    Just another nerd in the herd!
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    Nope, not going to pay to play, exploit to play, or bug to play.
    Instead, I have nerfed my PvP defense to the best of my ability, and will intentionally lose all future PvP bouts.

    It'll give you all a nice easy path to the top, where you can sort the number one slot out like cats in a sack while I eat popcorn and watch the train wreck.
    Glad to be one more tiny stepping stone on your path to a pyrrhic victory.

    Have fun destroying the game, kisses and hugs.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • @Kacey no boasting here... recruiting... please take negativity elsewhere...
    Just another nerd in the herd!
  • Albert Einstein said:

    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

    From the movie War Games:

    Stephen Falken: "...Except, I never could get Joshua to learn the most important lesson."

    David Lightman: "What's that?"

    Stephen Falken: "Futility. That there's a time when you should just give up. "


    I aspire to persist in my tenacity. I choose carefully where to spend my most tenacious energies.

    (I like the potatoes, by the way. Proud member.)
  • @sirtainly , I think more people here would recognize this source.


    But still valid. Spud on man, Spud on.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • Tenacious Players: Add Istarskream on Line

    [I might have edited that quote a bit]

    There's one group of guilds that showed true innovation and advanced problem solving in this past event and it was the Wrath family.

    special shout out to SirGravy for putting it all together and coming up with a strategy that was so good the devs had to nerf it.
    No one else did that.
    He had lots of help, the Wrath family works together

  • Please be nice. I have tasty friends that are potatoes. The potatoes won fair and square. Even BF supports their method of winning.


    Any complaints should be directed at BF. I’m sure any other guild that discovered this approach first would have done the same thing.
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