Gem problem

Although I am almost completing chapter 8 I still don't get any gems from the chests or chapter-end quests. I didn't even get any gem after defeating Kang Kung. I was wondering if there is a bug involving new players or cutting the gems from maps and quests is something new that came with the patch ???


  • @Joel is this by design or a bug. Just completed some boss mode dungeons and I got my gems.
  • Yes, the same Thing happened to me. I’ve had multiple accounts, but this is the only one that is ever happened. So I’m guessing that it is a relatively new glitch, Can you try to fix it big fish?
  • It is so annoying. I don't get any gems from the dungeons I completed with 3 stars. I also don't get gems from the end chapter quests, only tokens, and keys. I created a few new acc and same problem with all of them. I wrote this about chat and new players or smurfs seems to be fine. I don't know what's wrong and I emailed about it but still no answer. İt is hard to play without any games, I am wondering are they just doing this purposely to make the new players buy gems??
  • they want you to BUY more gems. but you can't get a gem subscription because that saves you money
  • So is this the norm now? Am I just going to play without having any gems from the dungeons but only from the lvl ups and first few daily rewards ( I also don't get the 50 gem from the daily quest completion, only token, in my new acc) I sent 2 mail, one with pics in it, but no answer so far. I wish someone would just say if this gem problem is a glitch or things will be like that from now on.
  • I haven't paid attention to the 50 gems from daily quests today. Can't tell if I really got them but 50 gems are clearly listed as reward for daily quests so I expected you should get them.

    Maybe send @Joel a pm?
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