Challenge mode. Chapter 8. Hope's end.

What team should I use to beat that level?


  • I am in the same boat. I cannot seem to find the best team to defeat the bosses at the end. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • I typically use Yorick, Therand, Yasmin, and Stone Fist for that level. Pretty painless.
  • AAZ7AAZ7 Member
    I did it last week already. I think it was just Zen, BD, MK, Leo. Magnified light for bosses. It was not a big problem at the end =)
    All heroes lvl 56.
    Zen 3* FA
    BD 5* FA
    MK 3* FA
    LEO 4* FA
  • SnicSnic Member
    Igorock, Therand, Icepick, Yasmin
  • Im not sure anymore but I think I did with Yorick, Nim, Pontifex and Nub + one of all pots, refresh Yoricks Mark and quickly kill both. Yorick in general is great for those tanky enemies. Gl :)
  • i use abigail ,balog ,nub and bovus with 3 energy potion
  • I did it with Shade Kobal Brom Zomm but also Goretusk Grog Sol Lupina/Pignius.
  • I did it with Masuta, Koros, Brom and Leonidus.
    He was chill, never lost his cool, always won because frost bites.
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