Continually getting error in tower

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I am on the 7th floor of the tower. I have sent in different teams multiple times and received the same error code every time. Then I get booted to the reload screen.

This problem has been going on all day. I have posted at least 3 times approx 8 hrs in between posts. Is there ever going to be a resolution or will I just never be able to do my tower runs again? Which is fine. Just deposit my daily crowns. Thank you in advance.




  • This issue was never addressed or resolved. And whatever was wrong, didn’t allow another tower to load, so I missed 200 gems and 6 floors plus 275 gems and 12 floors.

    Not a big deal to tech support. Just kinda suxs that I have been an everyday player for several years. Never missed a tower, even through surgeries and catastrophic events, yet screen shots and loyalty are not enough to get compensated.

    The game is as good as your guild.
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    I'm having this looked into, but it's proving to be a tricky one. :(
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Had problems with tower too. Twice had to leave the app while in mid battle. When I returned and reloaded the app was stuck. If I retreated I got an error code and the app rebooted. If I continued only my remaining heroes appeared - no enemy to attack, and no button to retreat on menu. Only solution was to reinstall. Don't know if it's connected, but it's a pain as the app will always restart if I take call/go to text/mail etc.
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