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Every two weeks, the DB Team holds a DB Guild Summit within the LINE app, to provide an opportunity for real-time interaction between the developers and the player community. The Guild Summit chat is limited to GM +2 from each guild, and Summits are usually held at 1pm Central (CST) every other Monday. GMs whose guilds would like to participate can contact one of the Summit Admins on LINE via the info at the bottom of this post.

Two other LINE chats support discussion of Summit topics, and gather questions from players to present to the devs ahead of Summit:

The Summit Collaboration Group is a moderated, on-topic chat for players interested in discussing game topics only. Invite is by moderator only, and all participants are asked to follow the rules of the chat.

The Summit Debate Group is an unmoderated, open invite group for those who prefer a looser format and off-topic discussion.

None of these groups are intended to replace the Forum as the primary method of contacting the developers, providing feedback, or reporting bugs, but they can offer an alternate way for players to get involved in discussing the game and ideas for improvement.
Please feel free to contact one of the Summit Admins if you have questions, or an interest in participating. Hope to see you on LINE!

Summit Admins:
Soza - LINE ID "sozaclaudette"
ClaraR - LINE ID "raralc"
GigaBoss - LINE ID "giga_boss"
D-Rodd - LINE ID "drodd"
Beckon - LINE ID "beckon10"
Artu - LINE ID "artu12_"


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    A short update/summary about a few important topics of summit and their actual standings:

    Parts of the community has been asking for several topics around the game or to improve the game.
    All changes need their time and we all want them rather sooner than later. Patience is sometimes hard to show/get but to keep you all informed about the progress I/we will try to give you a summary/update.

    In case you miss several topics and have further questions, feel free to contact any admin/moderator and also ask for an invite to our summit collaboration group (messenger line)

    hero sorting
    was asked several times in summit (Sept 10th, Sept 24th 2018 ... ) and still last known date is mentioned by the devs with still late October/early November
    last time asked for it on Oct 8th 2018
    DB_SC, "It's on its way - It's I QA right now and expected this month. I'll see what I can do about a teaser on that feature sooner rather than later."

    rune update
    was asked several times in summit (Sept 10th - Oct 8th) and mentioned by the devs maybe before hero sorting (Oct 8th)
    DB_SC, " is also in QA, expected sooner than filtering/sorting"

    PvP matchmaking
    was asked several times
    A short information from summit July 31st 2018
    DB_SC, "Its a tangled web, but I think there are some things we can address.
    The catch is that it needs to fit within the framework of how matchmaking works now. Something like “Factors should include only the attacker's level and the defender's level and four heroes' Rune Power” is not as straight forward as people might think. Some might remember when pvp seasons came out originally and how poor matchmaking was then. It took 4 months and a new client to get to the matchmaking you have today – and initially it seemed to serve us well. Just trying to understand where it went off the rails and how to best approach. I do ask for your patience, and we are looking at things we can do simply first.."
    last time asked for it Oct 8th 2018.
    The actual daily pvp quest has been changed back to attempt instead of win.
    Thank you @Joel and @Db_stanley

    saving teams for quick selection
    was asked several times
    as devs has mentioned in summit Aug 27th will come after hero sorting/organizing

    mass rune salvaging
    was asked on Sept 24th 2018
    as the devs mentioned will be fixed
    DB_SC, "... like I said, we should not be dropping runeswhen you have more than 200, so I'll get that fixed."

    10x pull from honor portal
    was asked Sept 24th 2018
    no actual knowledge/prior

    10x quickloot button
    was asked by Sept 24th 2018
    as devs mentioned not sure if It's in the plan this moment.

    In case you want further informations or an invite to our messenger line chat (Summit collaboration group) feel free to contact any admin/moderator.
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Hey everyone! I wanted to chime in here to clarify a few things:

    Outside of the official Guild Summit chat room, Boss Fight does not sanction, endorse, or otherwise give preference to any chat group or guild. The Summit Collaboration Group, Summit Debate Group, and any similar chat groups are organized and managed by the community members. We love that players are so engaged and want to communicate with each other more, but there is no 'official' chat outside of the summit itself. Players are welcome to organize themselves in any way they see fit, and any player (even individuals) are welcome to submit topics for consideration at guild summits to myself or @DB_Stanley via PM here on the forums or via Line (though forum is preferred).

    Furthermore, I want to make it clear that summit admins do not have any authority or extra access to myself or others at Boss Fight, they're just normal community members who help make sure that guild representatives get invited to the Guild Summit chat room.

    Happy chatting!
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    This thread went completely off the rails. This thread was made to be informational regarding this group chat, please keep it that way.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • ClaraRClaraR Member
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    preview from scg notes for Summit Monday, October 22nd

    ● feedback to the devs
    • Jibber as a fan gift (no real abilities or synergies to work for/against actual meta) ... just another one to collect to have him ... but not for any use actually ... community was disappointed because of no hero guarantee in heroic portal

    ● CT changes
    • any updates on fixing crowns counting?
    • fixing crown leaderboards ... any knowledge/ date to fix it?
    a lot of players quit playing ... broken individual crown leaderboards are a need for recruiting for guilds ... missing informations are needed to see the value/constancy of players
    • gms/officers/players need to see the crowns standing total of the guild ... actually only the own are shown ... Will this be fixed again?
    • can ct be shown in past events?
    • will using actual money for crown become a consistent part of the game?

    ● match making pvp (players need easy/medium/hard options ... at least related to player lvl?)
    • any updates?

    ● bugs/issues
    • any updates on fixing the issues of overlapping heroes ... targeting an object can be unimpossible [pic 1]
    this problem affects all players (tower, pvp ...) and can make a big loss for them ... actual crown quest win 4 pvp, win streaks, the need of tower gems because of missing shop offers ...
    • any solution for not avaiable sparkling (outside the screen or obscured by objects - also new boarhunter kozar skin)
    • any news on fixing leaderboards bug ... kicked players are still shown in guilds leaderboards (during events) and can participate and get guilds rewards (as long as these players do not join another guild and login)
    • healthbar missing in tower and pvp sometimes (Agnon) [pic 2] ... any update?

    ● quests descriptions (during events/quest lines)
    • could we get a clear description of the quests (which groups/classes/familys are allowed)
    players are confused what is class/family/additional trait ... for exampl flyers ...)
    one option could be in the hero cards... class: ... family: ...
    another option to call the groups in the quests ...

    ● players asking for event related rune rewards ... that also show their unique
    • ggt/pvp event ... pvp related runes like 10% d in pvp for example
    • uh, healers, tank runes are also worth in pve
    • there was an overweight on dark runes (vampires) and light (shock) ... players asking for more variety

    ● updates/news/events?
    • further informations for guild related event Oct 26th?
  • May I suggest that the Summit not concentrate on bugs but instead how BF can make the game more fun and still make enough money to keep it going.
  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
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    bvs72 wrote: »
    May I suggest that the Summit not concentrate on bugs but instead how BF can make the game more fun and still make enough money to keep it going.

  • sirolk99 wrote: »
    bvs72 wrote: »
    May I suggest that the Summit not concentrate on bugs but instead how BF can make the game more fun and still make enough money to keep it going.
    Is anyone maintaining a bug log? DB keeps an internal log, but they don’t share it with the player base.
  • @MonkeyHunter - the DBDG started a bug log but didn’t want to waste all the Summit time on bugs.
  • In case anyone is interested to backread last summit ... here is the link:
  • Thanks @ClaraR - an improvement over the previous summit.
  • In this same forum there's an entire section dedicated to bugs. I think it'd be a good idea if from now on LINE people started using it. It can be useful for the future DB players to know it's normal to have 100 different bugs at the same time. And also interesting to see how bugs change through the time.
    When I'm bored I go read old posts about MK never getting diseased after killing kobal.
  • When do we get real PvP instead of fake PvP?
  • For players who do not have the time or option to read through the whole summit chat chronic... here a "short" summary made by müerta (big thanks to you 😘)

    Summit summary of Oct 22nd 2018

    Upcoming Events
    • Oct 25: Haunted Halls and NOT the co-op guild event. There will be a threshold for guild rewards.
    • Nov 1: Guild PvE, reminiscent of Boss Battles, but different. The simplest summary is shared health across a guild against a boss - defeat it and it gets harder.

    Crown Tournament
    • There might still be some small cases where crowns don’t get counted, but its something they have a fix incoming for. The issue with total crowns earned per player not showing on the guild roster has to do with the alternate leaderboard that was used last week. It will get fixed in an upcoming client release, but for now there is a leaderboard with crowns earned per player in the leaderboard tabs.
    • “actual money for crowns” is not a permanent part of the crown system. They can do much more with the system now than they could in the past and they were flexing a few new muscles for the first time. What we should expect is for that crown rewards to not be the same every single week.
    • They are looking into putting previous Crown Tournaments in the past events tab.

    Leaderboards & former guild members
    They have identified the problem with old guildmates being shown on guild leaderboards. Its something they are actively working on a fix for.

    Pre-selected teams and hero sorting
    Hero sorting still coming out in roughly two weeks. Having a saved team is way high on the Quality of Life issue list. See preview pics below.

    PvP Matchmaking
    Two things they would like to see happen:
    1) Split out the power calculation three ways.. between stars/ascension/ability levels, epic level, and rune power to get a little better with the matchmaking algorithm. No timeline on this, but its their highest priority around matchmaking.
    2) Easy Medium and Hard opponent selections that do not change their place. If its Easy, it should stay in the easy slot. I have no timeframe on getting that change in, but know that its on the wish list.
    They are admittedly slow to move on this as they are busy with many things, but know that it has not left the top of the priorities list.

    Rune Management
    • A more frequent rune unequip is something they think they can accommodate. They will see what they can do about an unequip timed with the next major guild event.
    • Standardized rune names is something the devs have been pushing for – they are also looking to show more rune info in PvP as well.
    • More variety with available runes in events is definitely a goal.
    • Going over the 200 limit is something they are considering. Perhaps raising the number of runes in inventory to 400.
    • Things like a max upgrade button, locked runes, quicker salvaging by type, etc. are not high on the priority list & they currently have no plans on rune sorting (or other rune management) in the near future.

    Hero Targeting
    Fallen heroes blocking others was an issue that was addressed quite some time ago. Seems it can happen again, and they are looking in to it. They’d like to fix it for good with the ability to choose targets using the arrows above their heads, or something similar, but that will take time.
  • ClaraRClaraR Member
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    In case you want to backread summit from Nov. 5th 2018 ... here the link:


    If you are interested to get a short overview from a few facts ... here a short overview (Thanks to Müerta who is creating this for the whole community):
    Upcoming events
    Tuesday, Nov. 6th: PvP Force of Nature Event which is a Non-guild event that will introduce an all new currency called leaves.
    Next week: a PvE guild event.
    Thanksgiving week: not set yet.

    Upcoming Changes
    Hero Sorting - It's coming as soon as this week.
    Rune Rework - It is being tested.

    The rest of the summit discussed how future events could be better. I hope the devs listen to the feedback from the community. Thank you to everyone who passed along ideas.
  • In case you want to backread summit from Nov. 19th 2018 ... here the link:

    Download the transcript @ http://downloads.taterbot.net/C9044e756d82e2311ef1866c90245ae01-U7c9b11a57d68d11a0e8cd4ca0a4e2524-1542654032642.txt
  • Summit Summary of Nov. 19th 2018 ... created by Müerta (thank you very much 😘)

    Upcoming Events
    Nov. 20th: Turkey event. Lots of fun including a Solaris skin. Also, so many turkeys that they might take over an island. Individual & community leaderboard with guild threshold rewards.

    Next week: Therand skin with other Dwarven stuff.

    New Update- In final test & is likely to be released early next week.
    This release has Hero Sorting. If you havent created a BFG account, please go do it in case you have issues. If you are Amazon user, defintiely make sure you have an accout created.

    Rune Rework - Hopefully next week.

    Skins & epics - Latest method is new so will change each time. Ultimate Skins with stats are being determined the best way to roll them out so we can expect to see different ways to get them over time.

    Shop rotation of items - A stale shop isnt exciting so it will likely keep changing during events.

    Tower - Expect to see some improvements to the Tower around new year. Among other things, it includes a new boss at the top.
  • I saw that last night and I've been trying to think of how to respond for the last several hours.

    So far, no words have come to me that can express how I feel about that statement "a stale shop isn't exciting."

    I'll keep thinking on it, I'm sure I'll come up with something. It takes a lot to render me speechless.

  • sirtainly wrote: »
    I saw that last night and I've been trying to think of how to respond for the last several hours.

    So far, no words have come to me that can express how I feel about that statement "a stale shop isn't exciting."

    I'll keep thinking on it, I'm sure I'll come up with something. It takes a lot to render me speechless.

    Oh, I can think of a few words.
  • “A stale shop isn’t exciting.”

    What are you, a freakin bakery?
  • A shop without decent items is boring.

    A shop that removes items is frustrating.

    A shop that is WAAAY overpriced is infuriating.

    These are the issues we care about. Not a "stale shop."
  • Please take a moment to send your complaints directly to Boss Fight here:
  • When they run out of something in the shop and have to remove it, they should offer rain checks.
  • bvs72 wrote: »
    When they run out of something in the shop and have to remove it, they should offer rain checks.

    thy changed all the locks.
    the keys are no good anymore.
  • danac wrote: »
    bvs72 wrote: »
    When they run out of something in the shop and have to remove it, they should offer rain checks.

    thy changed all the locks.
    the keys are no good anymore.

    I will take for next summit to ask for getting back keys and the raid tickets (100 raids/~ $10).
  • And the monthly daily gem purchases $5 and $20
  • Summary of Summit Dec 3rd 2018

    dates for upcoming events: (start days may be off by a day)
    Dec 6th ... Nightmare Before Winterfest PLUS Craw Boss Battle
    Dec 13th ... Top Secret Surprise Event (or something else)
    Dec 20th ... Winterfest

    New Hero in December and Holiday Skins: further informations next summit

    Hero filtering: likely beginning of next week

    ingame mails: any mail sent after Oct 31st 2018 will expire in 7 days

    Lily's epic is expected soon ... definitive date will be posted as soon as possible

    ● summit date poll: summit will be on Monday actually/same time/same place
    ● weekly crown rewards: changes not until after the New Year
    ● shop offers: will be updated with more items including recent heroes but not until after the New Year
    ● PvP:
    • change of the big X on the victory/defeat screen is added on the task list but low priority
    • guild informations to be added before the fight need to be rolled into a client release
    ● feedback of Turkey event (shop, boost, payout... ) was taken and tried to work it into upcoming Nightmare Before Winterfest
  • Thank you, ClaraR
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