Patch Notes: December 14th, 2018

JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
  • Fixed discrepancies in the leaderboard rewards lists. There were cases of worse ranks paying out better runes, that is no longer thecase.
  • Added 8 raid tickets to the Jerry PVP Pass offer to fix an issue that some players hit where they couldn't run raids after buying the pass when they didn't have any raid tickets.
  • Reduced the tickets in Boss Mode material chests in Boss Mode and purple chests. Early birds got some extra tickets! Other chest payouts have not been reduced.
  • Added limit to loot key offers in the ticket shop.
Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment


  • Survey says........
  • Loot keys have disappeared from shop
  • You shouldn’t have reduced the stats for rank 6 to 10 after the event started. You should have increased the stats for rank 2 to 5.
  • @Bloth they changed it because no one was spending really money on staring up their Jerry's.
  • I just was going to think this is a cool event.... I am so naive :(
  • Once again... congratulations!
  • Darn, someone squealed about the chests... :/
    And you limited the keys, seriously!?!? >:(
  • No more stocking up on loot keys. :-1:
  • keep the streak going of **** events!
  • Any update on setting up different leaderboards based on level? Right now 70+ and under are mixed, with different awards, to nobody's advantage. The event will be more fun and rewarding for all if we're split, as had been talked about before.
  • Either hire a real QA team or else just own your fuckups and live with them. Changing a competitive, leaderboard-based event mid way through is unfair. The incompetence is truly staggering over there.

    they seem to do that a lot when a certain guild uses the advantage to get in first place, but not when another guild does.....
  • Jerry
  • Finally you can see tower opponent runes

  • My son who used to play this game is laughing. Last two events ... day 1 ...
    "hey son look how much (candy corn / tickets) this is dropping. I better abse the heck out of this as much as possible because when DB gets into work tomorrow they will take it away from everyone else."

    My son who is studying computer game design thinks it is amazing (in a horrible way) that I've been right about this 2 events in a row.

    If you started owning up to your mistakes instead of punishing all the non-Early Birds ... I think you might find you QA your work a lot better and the game will become better.
  • (Slow clap)
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • xJokiexJokie Member
    edited December 2018
    If only they would repay all the gold we used at the end of this event.. Like that, when we improved and removed our runes, we would not be penalized!
  • BlothBloth Member
    edited December 2018
    Agree. They should have included a free rune removal with this event. Especially when 1 quests was add runes to your Jerry after you had that specific hero for another quest
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