Game wont load

Game will not load been a day and a half.why is it so poor to use support?.


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    Hello? @Joel? This makes at least ten players that i know of that have posted about this issue. If you consider the ratio of players to posters, how many CUSTOMERS and how much MONEY is Bossfight losing? Maybe putting it in this fashion will cause a show of concern? At least a public acknowledgement of the issues existence?
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    CS is working through the tickets as fast as they can. It seems there was an issue with some email updates.
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  • Still waiting for a answer
  • Will u please fix my game.
  • wizardone wrote: »
    Will u please fix my game.

    What mobile device are you running?

  • This solution worked for me. I thank the PLAYER for the share
    joolzie wrote: »
    unknown_player I had the same issue--it stuck in the middle of loading--and support told me to do the following, which worked, but my game is completely reset. I'm waiting to hear something on that now...

    From support:
    In some cases on Android devices, our account manager, if having issues with your account will try to set a backup ID that can get blocked if you have Ad blocking on.

    Try going to SETTINGS
    Scroll down & Select " GOOGLE (google settings)"
    Select "Ads"
    Turn 'Opt out of Ads Personalization" to OFF
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  • I play on kindle fire..
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    Pretty sure the Kindle is an Android device. I remember the Nook using a Droid based OS, which is actually a proprietary Unix build if I remember correctly. Back when, people were "rooting" their Nooks to get an inexpensive Droid tablet. If any players out there have a better knowledge of this, the help would be appreciated. Customer support is a net cost to the beancounters, so I don't see this being a Bossfight priority.
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  • Same for me tried everything but it gets stuck at Loading...(Login)
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