Created a support ticket and never received a response.

I created a support ticket on Dec. 7 regarding a purchase I made which I never received. Thankfully it wasn't a large amount as the payment processed but I never received my purchase. I'd like to either have my money refunded or receive the item I paid for; however, no response from ticket created.


  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Hey @BROTHERKEV. Please send me a PM with your CS ticket number, I'll have it looked into.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Hello Joel. Just checking for a status.
  • We’re looking into it.
  • ....still trying to get Jerry on the phone
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    It is working as intended. Your response went into your spam folder.
  • Maybe you should try on the Line app? Many people who are smarter than a turnip have successfully gotten dev responses there.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

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