PLEASE READ: Update Account Registration Changes and ***HERO FILTERING***



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    @bvs72, remember, in a corporate environment, all decisions about product alterations or updates must originate with, or be approved by, your department supervisor, accounting, and the executive team. The Peter Principal in action.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • gmun wrote: »
    This filtering is modestly useful. What would really save me time and hassle is Saved Teams.

    have they found Jesus?
  • bvs72 wrote: »
    Sort has multiple definitions. One used by old ladies sorting buttons. The other used in computer programming. Guess which one the DB developers used.

    What's more interesting is that for *months* now we've been promised hero SORTING.
    every summit, every comment here on the forums by blue folks about it, said *sorting*.

    Now that it's out, it's *filtering*.

    sort of like they filtered out the truth.
  • I think hero filtering is a good option for db beginners or to find heroes for specific quests (win with an all caster team and similars)

    But hoping for also getting saved teams options for pvp/pve and a "real" hero sorting function ... maybe alphabetical, power, health ... individual sortings
  • Well I wasn't born British, but as I understand, people from England surely could consider the matter as having been "sorted" (been dealt with.)

    On the other hand, I think the whole matter is a sordid one.

    Maybe they were more focused on swording?
  • Amazon player waiting for update Amazon player waiting for update Amazon player waiting for update no I'm not a bloody robot just time I knew my fate
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    This is a super helpful tool for newer players who are not as familiar with the heroes!
  • Of course it could have been better, but I think it is a great starting point and move in the right direction. The next update for hero flitering will be more detailed I'm sure.
  • This should seriously be covered on all the media outlets as major "news".... because the relationship between presentation and reality is quite similar!
    The Road To Rome was paved with blood.
    Rome must fall.
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    xtmn8r wrote: »

    and what about the amazon app store?... @xtmn8r
  • NekoAtsume wrote: »
    So, I’m trying to log into my Level 80, VIP 10 account and THIS **** shows up AFTER I posted in here, showing a screenshot in which I did what you said to do. WTF?!


    I had the same screen.
  • joolzie wrote: »
    unknown_player I had the same issue--it stuck in the middle of loading--and support told me to do the following, which worked, but my game is completely reset. I'm waiting to hear something on that now...

    From support:
    In some cases on Android devices, our account manager, if having issues with your account will try to set a backup ID that can get blocked if you have Ad blocking on.

    Try going to SETTINGS
    Scroll down & Select " GOOGLE (google settings)"
    Select "Ads"
    Turn 'Opt out of Ads Personalization" to OFF

    I can't seem to find this. Where do I find this settings thingy? This is turning into a drag.
  • I knew this was going to be a giant pain in the **** before I even downloaded this garbage
  • At least the petty profanity filter is working
  • Same story here... can't "restore" the Level 71 account to the new "location" ...and now the ID# has even changed... although the old app seems to remember me... (#Amazon #Fire)
  • Hello???
  • Can you add a filter to select bought heroes and earned heroes. Maybe a lootpass to see the ones we earned. Thx.
  • Yeah the stars thing isn’t being well received, you should probably revert that.
  • I'm pretty new here but I've noticed from the start that hero filtering doesn't work at all. No matter what I choose they're all just placed randomly on the hero screen. Is there a fix for this (hopefully)?
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