Garden Grove offer

BlothBloth Member
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Please take this offer ( and the Hansuke one as well ) and shove it up your f’ing collective greedy ****. Thank you


  • WasiWasi Member
    $79.99 AUD

    What a disgrace... makes me sick.
    The Potato Army
  • kmobkmob Member
    Yep, this pay to win approach has killed the game for me, what a joke. I won't ever spend a dime on this game again unless they bring back daily gems, and am just about at the point of giving up entirely.

    They've resorted to blatantly making this a p2w game and it's absolutely disgusting. Not only that the tactics they used to sucker people into buying a "jingle pass" were borderline fraud.

    So sad to see this game being ruined by this crap, thanks boss fight!

    *finger guns*
  • But they haven’t noticed a significant loss of players.
  • @Monkeynuts, I would correct that statement to they have not noticed a significant loss of SPENDERS. There is little to no concern for players, unless they stop spending.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • li30li30 Member
    edited January 9
    With that price I'd rather spend on 1 console game, way more valuable.
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    I would have considered that offer at $9.99.
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