Guildchat and invitementlist issue

AmkdrAmkdr Member
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My Guildchat does not work, I'm an Officer and can't see who joins or leaves the guild. This is really embarrasing. Instead I'm in some weird American chat. Also sometimes when i go on the invited list it shows me nothing, but after relogging it works for a while. The chat does not. Fix this!


  • All American chats are weird, but you should fit right in using words like invitementlist.
  • AmkdrAmkdr Member
    I am German and i have set my game on german aswell so forgive me my bad english.
  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    I'm guessing you accidentally changed your chat language at some point. You can change your chat language by tapping the triple bar button on the chat screen, tapping the "Chat Language" button and then selecting your language. :)
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • I was just joking around with you, other than that one word your English is superb.
  • I like that word, invitementlist.

    That's precisely what it is.

    It's surely not a "friends" list as although I'm a friendly sort of person, there's absolutely no way to guarantee that those people are my "friends". The are, however, people with whom I have had an invitement encounter.
  • AmkdrAmkdr Member
    @Joel First of all thank you for your reply :)
    I just checked my chat language and it is on german. I will send a screenshot, which should explain my problem a little better than i could with words.
  • The chat is glitched, he sees english general chat in place of the guild chat. It shows messages in blue but those messages are from general chat, not the guild one. In fact he'll have people from other guilds chat in his guild chat. So it's a bug, nothing to do with chat language.
  • Agree, happens with my alt account, where I see a lot of general chat appearing on guild chat.
  • This is still happening to certain guilds @Joel. Have you guys figured out what's going on and are you going to fix it anytime soon? Probably not a huge problem for guilds that use other apps to chat but for those who don't it can be a big issue.
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