Jerry Boss Battle!

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The best Jerries around are back, and they're ready to take on the world (or at least your guild). The top Jerry of each class (Warrior, Healer, Caster, Rogue, and Tank) from the recent Build-A-Jerr event has been made into a Guild Boss. Some minor adjustments have been made (family-specific passives have been removed, and the usual Boss perks have been added). Work together with your guilds to take down these mighty villagers!

Congratulations again to the winners of the Build-A-Jerr event, your usernames are on display for your respective Jerry. May all tremble in fear of your creations!
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  • TolkoTolko Member
    Could not agree more Sirtainly.
  • gmungmun Member
    I agree also. And the fact that the reward rune is awful just makes it easy to skip this event. Another epic fail of an event.
  • Kendra27Kendra27 Member
    edited January 11
    I really like how the jerry's are changing, makes this event interesting. I love the boss events and being able to work with my guild.
    Thanks for continuing to try and make fun events!

    I'm not seeing a damage boost with the panda skin though?
  • Are event quests the only way to earn tickets without spending actual money? No dungeons or anything?

    It looks like completing all of the event quests will earn 103,000 tickets...which is a very small amount compared to the cost of the two runes (100,000 and 50,000 tickets) and Jin Lei tokens (10x 25,000 or 250,000 tickets)...400,000 tickets in total.

    Is the expectation really that players will purchase multiple Ticket Super Packs ($20 for each set of 35,000 tickets and 200 gems) to get enough tickets for any purchases beyond event quest returns?

    Have I missed anything?
  • 28€ for a simple Skin... Pepperidge farm remembers when people have been upset about cosmetic-skins for 5€ ....
    The last three boss events have been fun, well, if you ignore that the guild who founds the exploits first always wins.
    Now you put the pay to win in again, so the SRG guilds will not compete in this event.

    Overall the last few weeks look like milking a dying cow.
  • crookshanks25crookshanks25 Member
    edited January 11
    Let us know when you stop the whole pay to participate madness.

    It costs 50 in the US for an unlimited courage boost pass for this event, and that is the only way to have a chance to accomplish anything for this event. And I see that pass is gone so DB expects people to pay 10 for a two hour boost. Woohoo.

    Courage payouts are abysmal without the boost. What courage you earn from completing quests is laughable.

    You all are losing top players, and top guilds are dissolving secondary to these pay to win changes to game play. Your most loyal players who have paid into the game before it became so overpriced are leaving. Is this what you wanted?
  • gmungmun Member
    So we're valuing the Jerry rune at close to $60? Or the other way to look at it is your selling 7 Jin tokens for 20 bucks?

    The rune's 4th stat is awful fyi.

    The setup of the event is good. The use of players Jerrys is cute and cooperative guild events like this could be quite fun. Much like the awful halloween and Christmas events, however, it was ruined by awful ticket payouts and the event is setup sonthat the only way to compete is to buy a $50 event boost or many smaller dollar courage/point boosts.
  • We still should not forget that DB got someone from EA/Activision (which one I forget)... BUT Activision is disconnecting from the Destiny franchise. Awesome.
  • We still should not forget that DB got someone from EA/Activision (which one I forget)... BUT Activision is disconnecting from the Destiny franchise. Awesome.

    From EA... this dude:
  • That says he works for EA mobile currently. DB/Bigfish isn't owned by them...
  • This guy?
  • kmobkmob Member
    edited January 11
    This event sucks, so do the rewards. Plain and simple. How anyone can be happy and think this is a result of "creating fun events" is completely beyond me.

    Yes, thanks for another money sink, let us all rejoice

    *finger guns*
  • That says he works for EA mobile currently. DB/Bigfish isn't owned by them...

    He's on their advisory board
  • This guy?

    He's at Big Fish which was the publisher for Boss Fight. I'm not sure what happened with Big Fish and Boss Fight but looks like they split.
  • Dang, two EA dudes.... it really shows.
  • PizzaPizza Member
    Oh man I popped back in after quitting last week just to see what was going on and boy am I glad I **** quit. You took the only good event, the Build a Jerry, and **** RUINED it lmao. All hope for this game is **** gone lmao I’ve been a long time player too it’s so sad what this game has become
  • MonkeynutsMonkeynuts Member
    edited January 14
    Thanks! These “find our **** code gaps to exploit to win” events are my favorite!

    Hit the kegerator harder next time, only one exploitable Jerry can be improved upon.
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