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  • Will keep an eye out for that new Hero. πŸ‘€
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  • Actual link to back read summit from Dec. 17th 2018

    Download the transcript @ http://downloads.taterbot.net/C9044e756d82e2311ef1866c90245ae01-U7c9b11a57d68d11a0e8cd4ca0a4e2524-1545073248159.txt
  • Additional a summit summary made by MΓΌerta ... special thanks for that ;)

    Summit Summary of Dec. 17th 2018:

    β€’ Winterfest - likely starts in the next 2 days. Will be usual calendar style with some new surprises.
    β€’ New red hero will be released soon.
    β€’ More than one Holiday skin will be released during the month.

    β€’ Short & long term boosts will still happen, but should be more clear.
    β€’ Low level leaderboards should have been done for Jerry event & will try to do that going forward.

    β€’ The 2 lost weeks of guild mails & will be out this week by Friday.
    β€’ Update in app or play store. Make sure you have the game installed on your device already, then download update. If you update your account on one device, you will not be able to access it on another device until it is updated.
    β€’ Included in update is an integration of Rewarded Video. Nothing mandatory, but an alternative to watch a video instead of spending gems (once you run out of stamina for instance).
  • Next summit will be on Monday, January 7th 2019
    Same time same room
  • I still haven’t been able to find the room. πŸ™
  • @bvs72, look for the room that has the sign saying



    10,000,000 gems
    500,000,000 gold
    1,000,000 loot keys

    It will be between there and the muppet hide bounty center. Hope that helps.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • @bvs72, look for the room that has the sign saying



    10,000,000 gems
    500,000,000 gold
    1,000,000 loot keys

    It will be between there and the muppet hide bounty center. Hope that helps.

    Someone has a pretty unrealistic high opinion of themselves. Then again, you all already knew that.
  • ClaraRClaraR Member
    Summary of Summit Jan. 7th 2019:

    ● Events:
    This Weekend: Boss Battle (theme should be more "interesting")
    Soon after: New Hero & New Epic. 2nd epic may be late Jan or early Feb. Epic releases will be different

    ● Feedback:
    β€’ Panda Boss: wanted to mix up Calendar & have something for gold Key reward
    Zulkodd was known, but kept it as a bonus for who got new hero & to get gold key with little to no gems.
    β€’ Winterfest: Devs know to find other things to put in the shop & will try to do better.

    ● Bug Fixes & Updates:
    β€’ Amazon: "close" to resolving ... adjustment and their submission process will be expected next days
    β€’ shop offer issues (things coming in & out of the shop differently than they are shown in the shop) ... will look into it soon, after Amazon get live and they want consistency in their offers too and what the App Store receipts say

    ● Future:
    β€’ They will try to add URLs to event banners. We can now scroll in event banner which the devs will use more. Working to use the Chevrons more for hero boosts.
    β€’ Looking into adding filter for hero with skins
    β€’ Runes currently sort by power, will look into sorting ability that, but will not happen soon.
    β€’ They have plans for features around saving teams & drag-and-drop functionality, but will not be soon.
  • So was there any mention at all of the complete failure to communicate about Winter fest? Or did they get a bye on that again?
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • 1kujyo4ed6ew.png
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • I believe they decided not to communicate at all so next time it'll be a surprise and we won't be expecting anything.
  • Alecat97Alecat97 Member
    edited January 9
    Clealry, just giving us proper and accurate information would be enough. And not even that hard to do.
  • ClaraRClaraR Member
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    If someone is interested in back reading last summit ... here is a link:

  • Hey all!
    Here is the actual link to backread summit from Tuesday, Jan. 22nd 2019

  • Summary of Summit, Tuesday, Jan. 22nd 2019

    ● upcoming Changes + Fixes
    β€’ Zulkodd bug will be fixed next 1 or 2 days
    β€’ Zen will have changes to current PvP meta
    β€’ reviewing star-related ascensions ... adjusting if needed
    β€’ change of daily rewards in future

    ● Events
    β€’ actual Calendar Event and Reptile updates
    β€’ New Heroic Portal Event early Feb ... not guild related, no specific date actually but expect start midweek (Tues-Thur)
    β€’ Valentine's Event in work

    ● to the feedback of Boss Jerry Event
    β€’ reviewing courage and refreshing times (quests granting courage on the table)
    β€’ timer will be changed if/when next boss event (includes minutes)

    ● New Her Loot Pass / New Epics
    β€’ current plan to release new heroes but no longer as a day or 2
    β€’ more hero informations up front in general (ascension information, requirements, abilities etc)
    β€’ reviewing star ascension feature
    β€’ compensation for broken Epic Boss quest is sent/will be sent
    β€’ new epics introducing ... actual still a few weeks difference between purchase/skull island but reviewing what best timing

    ● current Zola Event
    β€’ reset after opening Door 14 ... also Super doors whether opened or not
    peculiarity Door 14 ... might be only avaiable once
    β€’ need of "win" PvP quest is noted to be changed into "attempt"
    β€’ reviewing event rune price
    β€’ no additional event dungeons

    ● PvP matchmaking
    active discussions about potential changes to Matchmaking & Seasons in general

    Next summit ... Feb. 4th 2019
  • Summary of Summit Feb. 4th 2019

    ● Zola Event
    feedback (higher ticket amount, new boosts+ and to stack them ...) is passed to the team ... 18+ days has been to long, next/if will be shorter, more frequent tournament ... threshold on longer events

    ● Epics
    β€’ Jin's will be avaiable ~around Feb. 11th 2019
    β€’ Viperia's, Cobressa's and Zola's: in general expected ~4 weeks after release

    ● Portal changes
    β€’ requires Client changes (new version in App Store) no exact date by now but not sooner than Feb. 7th
    β€’ event to that context not guild related, no leaderboards, nothing "big"
    β€’ VIP portals will be removed ... hoarded VIP portals will be transfered 1 to 1,3 heroics for each portal
    β€’ 10x summon guarantee ... there will be boosts to focus specific heroes, 300 gems discount will still be guaranteed on a 10x heroic (2,700 gems)

    ● further changes/updates/informations:
    β€’ 20 daily VIP keys will not change
    β€’ Aether shop: just Aria tokens (an upcoming rework was mentioned πŸ˜‰) ... added Ultimate skins and purchasable boosts ... unlimited stamina and easy tickets / doubled price
    β€’ Honor shop: runes are actually tied on the Seasons and are not changing
    β€’ Tower: no more stamina for finishing and/or purchase ... purchase transfered to Aether shop

    ● dates:
    β€’ next week maybe Valentine's day event
    β€’ ~ Feb.19th X vs. Y event
    β€’ next Summit expected Tuesday, Feb. 19th 2019 .. same time (1 PM CST) ... we will keep you updated if on Line/Discord
  • Joel wrote: Β»

    VIP and Honor portals
    • The VIP portal and the Honor portal are going away.
    • Existing VIP Summons will be converted to Heroic Summons at a rate of 1.25x.
    • Existing Honor Summons will be converted to Great Summons at a rate of 1x.
  • @ClaraR fix your posts, both VIP AND HONOR PORTALS are going away...
  • ClaraRClaraR Member
    edited February 6
    sirolk99 wrote: Β»
    @ClaraR fix your posts, both VIP AND HONOR PORTALS are going away...

    This is a summary of summit and we have discussed a few topics about the upcoming changes.
    This is not a summary of upcoming changes.
    Yes honor portal will be removed also. As you can backread in Joel's post here: https://forum.dungeonboss.com/discussion/60886/upcoming-game-changes-happening-no-sooner-than-2-7/p1
    Honor portals could not have been hoarded as there was only the possibility to get them as a reward or purchase ... it was the possibility to spend your earned honor there. Honor will be still avaiable and to spend it in honor shop.
    Different to VIP portals. Several players could earn a few and would lose them in case they would remove them. So the community needed to ask for further information.
    Thankfully we could clarify a few things.
  • Summary of summit, Tuesday, Feb. 19th 2019:

    ● EVENTS
    Valentine's day event ends Thursday, shop closes Friday
    Light vs Darks starts Thurs. Feb. 21st 3pm CST & rewards should be threshold based

    ● BUGS & FIXES
    β€’ Roster power leaderboard & friends who have not updated taking spots on friend list has been fixed
    β€’ 8 raid ticket offer for aether affecting raid timer will be fixed

    β€’ Gems will be added in event rewards and Crown Tournament. Hero tokens will remain part of event rewards
    β€’ featured Legendary heroes (new or old) will be at 6% EXCEPT Jumbeaux who will stay at his current rate
    β€’ more consistent event start & end times
    β€’ actively discussions for adjusting tower gems, no determination yet what or if it will change
    β€’ reviewing honor shop & PvP rewards. They doubt there will be a way to exchange honor to aether since it eliminates what aether is based on
    β€’ reviewing pvp matchmaking but there is no ETA for it
    β€’ discussing VIP rewards, but nothing to comment on at this point
    β€’ no Zen nerf for now

    Next summit will start on Monday, March 4th 2019 on discord.
  • Hey all
    Next summit will start Monday, March 4th 2019 on discord.
    To organize the invites we want to know who wants to join ...

    There is still GM +2 / per guild.

    If someone is interested to join please PM me (or any other summit admin)
    You can reach me with messenger line ID Raralc, groupme and discord.

    Information needed:
    Guild name, guild master, attendees name, discord #ID.

    If any further information needed feel free to contact me or any admin in PM.
    Thank you.
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