Patch Notes: March 27th, 2019

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edited March 27 in Patch Notes
  • We have made the description text and showing of stats on most abilities that deal splash damage more consistent. We have a few that still need to be added, but figured we might as well roll out the ones we have now. None of these abilities have had any functional changes.
  • Fixed a bug on Oxidized Sap that would allow reflected damage to KO enemies (which reflect damage is not supposed to do) and as a result caused some camera problems with Archon.
  • Fixed the VIP 1 daily loot quest.
  • Fixed Pontifex's Grave Digger passive.
  • Emily no longer removes buffs from enemies when she is banished. For real this time.
  • The description text on Zomm's "From the Grave" passive trait wasn't appearing when he was unascended. It appears now.
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