Grand Tournament This Week, Guild Crown Tournament Timing & Roster UI

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Hey folks!

We will be having a Guild Grand Tournament this week. This event will have a guild leaderboard, but will also have individual leaderboards with both ranking and threshold based rewards. So even if your entire guild can't participate, there is still glory to be had. And if you're guild is able to join forces, you'll all get even more!

With regards to the guild crown tournament start time, we had intended to have the schedule shift this week, but noticed that there was a potential issue with something in our scheduling system, so we've opted to keep it at 3pm this week, the switch to 8am will happen next week. We'll be running another one of the 40 crown bonus quests at the start of the new tournament at 3pm today as a bonus to make up for this inconvenience.

In addition, the issue causing the guild roster crown UI to not work correctly is deeper than we initially realized, and we are aware that it is still not working (though the leaderboard itself is). We are actively working to have this fixed, and hope to have a patch out sometime this week for it.
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  • Hey no worries, maybe you can fix it next month. You guys are just probably not making enough money to actually do any work and fix things, so it’s our fault.
  • Wonder how much it will cost me to participate in this event?
  • greedy bastards
  • If they mess up GGT and make it completely P2W their player base is gonna massively drop of higher up levels.
  • uzyvgkz0hw59.jpeg

    Hooray for the little guys!!!
  • Interesting that John Connor is competing against someone in Skynet?
  • FluCityFluCity Member
    edited April 22
    @Joel, well it's been a week now, your message above stated that you had "hoped to have a patch out sometime this week", for the crown fix, well it's been a week now, what is your ETA now?!?
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