Fire Healer Help - Wild Path (B)

Hey crew!
Not-So-Hardcore, yet persistent player here...
I've been chipping away at Boss Mode for a long time now. I enjoy the grind (to some degree), but I've really slowed down my progress in 2019 as I've gotten up to Chapter 14.

I finally broke through to Ch15, but "Wild Path (B)" has me stuck. I need an all-fire team, but without a powered-up healer, I'm not even even close to breaking through.

My Highest powered Fire heroes are: (all 6-stars, fully ascended)
Cobressa (lvl 78, Max Epic) - She's a badass
Nitpick (lvl 78, Max Epic) - I dig him but he dies way too easily
The Furnace (lvl 78, working on his Epic (currently lvl 8)) - with his latest improvements, he's a real force and will probably be the anchor to the team
Rogar - (lvl 78, Epic lvl 8) - I've pretty much given up on Rogar, he just doesn't seem like he can hang on these higher levels.

like I said, no healer.
I can't decide what to do - should I level up....

Solaris (lvl 73, 4-star, fully ascended) - I know Solaris is the core of a great Beast team, but mine isn't powered up enough to be effective. Not even sure how much she (he?) will help a fire team

Ember Sanguine (lvl 57, 2-star, 2/4 ascension) - Currently a loser. After checking out how many celestial evo's she requires to get to 3/4, and considering that I can't get tokens (because I can't get past Ch15 in Boss Mode), it's gonna take me years and years to power her up. BUT - because she seems specifically built to be on an all-fire team, I feel like she's the right choice.

Any advice guys?
Appreciate it!


  • Hi. You don't need a healer for this dungeon. You need fire power! ;)
    You need the Lady (Nimriel) and the Mad (Ignus) for this dungeon.
    The goal is to clear the dungeon before the enemies in there even can move.

    The enemies retaliate every melee attack.

    Because of this The Furnace (and other melee attackers) are not the first choice here. If you attack with Furnace' basic AoE attack he will get pummeled into the ground. You can use him but make him attack last (spot 4 on the team). Furnace passively buffs fire heroes and burns enemies. That's good (because Ignus loves that).

    Alternatively use Rogar on spot 4. He is Hot Heated (+10% attack for every other fire hero on the team) and never missed. The boss of the dungeon is a plant caster like Lily and uses Pollen Cloud so that she and their minions can dodge attacks. Rogar is handy here.

    Nitpick is fine, too. He passively buffs ATK of his fire allies, and has 2 range attacks. Just don't use his basic and melee special attack (2nd).

    The core of your team (spot 2 and 3) are Lady Nimriel (fully ascended and epic) and Ignus the Mad. Both are your damage dealers. The Lady burns every enemy while Ignus shots everything that is burned (follow-up attacks). If you have Warrior runes (20% chance for extra basic attack) give them both at least one. Rune them for attack and crit. (7k-9k ATK and around 50% crit is fine). If you have Enabler runes then put 2 on Lady Nimriel. Her Epic makes her attack all burned enemies!

    Spot 1 is for Ember. Level her up. Yes, she is the right choice :smile:
    At 2 star level she is squishy. and has not resurrection ability yet, and only 25% burn chance. But that doesn't matter. Her job is to buff her team with her first special attack and burn as many enemies as she can. Each burn increases the teams Max health by 5%.

    Alternatively you can use Solaris to burn the enemies. She can do that, too. It's safe for her, because it's a ranged attack. So there will be no revenge attacks.

    Abigail is an alternative for buffing the team's ATK. But she is a melee attacker. High level epic and Enabler runes are great for her. But be careful.

    So your core team is Ember, Lady Nimriel, and Ignus.

    Don't forget you can use Energy potions and call a friend. Good luck! :smile:
  • What a response!!! I appreciate the advice, but most importantly I appreciate the thought behind it.

    If you can't tell, I'm really more of a casual player - yes, I've put mega hours into the game, but I'll admit that I don't truly understand how things work under the hood. My strategy most of the time has been to grind grind grind until I can power my way through problems.

    But this is fantastic. And although you could have written back:

    "use Ember, Nimriel, and Ignus",

    It's a whole lot more interesting to hear the thought behind it.
    I hope you also get a kick out of sharing that knowledge!!!

    Now - looks like I have 3 characters to grind. See you guys in a year.
    Kidding! Maybe not though.

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