Reptile Retribution - Join Grondar and his fellow Reptile friends into a scaly adventure!

ShuuShuu Member, Moderator, Boss Fight
How this slithering event works:
- Each day features a different set of quests and a dedicated dungeon with escalating difficulty after every win! Heroes defeated while running the dungeon stay defeated! Revived heroes will remain unlocked only if you finish the event dungeon.
- Use a Roster Refresh in the event shop to reset heroes and difficulty.
- The difficulty and Heroes reset each day automatically once the featured dungeon changes!
- Use Courage to enter the event dungeons. You get 40 Free Daily Courage while the event is running, and you can earn more by doing the daily event quests or by visiting the event shop.
- On the day AFTER the event ends, the excess Courage in your inventory can be converted back to Stamina using a special shop item.
- Additionally, event shop items purchasable with event Tickets will be available in the shop for one more day after the event ends, so you have plenty of time to spend those hard earned Tickets, Boss!
- There are individual and guild leaderboards as well as Daily Threshold leaderboards. The daily leaderboards are threshold based and reset each day with new goals and rewards.
- Reptile Heroes start the event buffed with Scaling Growth, a boost which increases every day to help you in the challenges ahead. The boost is available in all game modes.
Day 1 boost: + 5% ATK & DEF
Day 2 boost: + 10% ATK & DEF
Day 3 boost: + 10% ATK, DEF & Health
Day 4 boost: + 10% ATK, DEF & Health + Retaliation (100% chance to avenge a Melee attack)

NOTE: If you’re not already in a Guild, now ‘s the time to join and get the chance to win some awesome loot!

These Awesome cold-blooded Heroes have shed their skin and became much cooler:

Grondar – Crystallized Carapace now starts powered.
Zola – New trait! Reptilian Alliance: when in a team with Grondar, this Hero becomes Fast.
Viperia – All abilities deal increased damage.
General Krexx
– New trait! Brothers in Arms: when in a team with Grondar, this Hero has 25% increased ATK and has a chance to purge a buff on hit.
- New trait! Stone Etcher: Boosted damage vs Stoned targets.

The event ends at 8am central time on Monday, July 15th. Please note that the Event shop will last until 8am central time, July 16th.

Introducing Malice’s Epic Terminus

Terminate your enemies with this deadly cool Epic!
On an Epic attack, Malice deals 3x damage to target. If target hero is killed by this attack, steal all buffs from the target.
New Passive - Abandon All Hope: All non-demon enemies lose 1 Energy on each enemy death. Can't be stolen, copied or purged.


  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Hey folks. We've been keeping up with the feedback and ongoing discussion regarding the event point payouts. Naturally, no event is designed with the intent of incentivizing anything less than the best performance from players, and it is clear that our initial point payout system did not do that. We had this payout system the last time we ran the event, but hadn't gotten this feedback or seen any issue of players using suboptimal play as optimal strategy, so we didn't make any changes to it when we prepared this version of the event. Once we realized what was happening, we investigated how we could make a practical fix that would not cause technical problems with a mid-event patch. Our solution is to redistribute guild points within the dungeon such that the maximum number of points you can get without beating the dungeon is 200. This patch has now been deployed.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Lol, you can all dry your eyes now. You don’t want to rust.
  • pkyne355pkyne355 Member
    I have to honestly say... this event has been the best one you guys have done in recent times. What I like the most is, this dungeon isn’t a piñata that gains in strength to the point where my team becomes ineffective. The dungeon(s) scale in difficulty with each completion and basically gets difficult without being unplayable. I like the fact that if a hero dies, they’re locked out of the event until the next day. I could choose to revive them, but resetting the dungeon isn’t that desirable to me. I like that I can choose to push to complete more dungeons, but I feel courage should be a loot drop... especially after, say, 15 completions. I love that the dungeon changes daily and the enemies appear to develop passives and more attack and defense as the player completes the dungeons. I would be nice if there were other incentives to reach 20 completions or something.

    Now. Don’t get me wrong. I do like those single enemy event dungeons. I just feel that a group of guild mates hitting the same thing sometimes pushes the creature beyond my hero’s means. After a day or two of the event, my guys go from hitting them hard to just barely tickling them.

    For a suggestion, it would be great if the event dungeon can shift its load out depending on the hero’s selected. For instance, enemy mobs developing immunities in subsequent runs based on what hero is used often. Like, a player used Valkin for 5 dungeons. On the 6th one he is used, the mobs become immune to frozen. Using Jin would have the mobs become immune to shock. Etc. Just something that forces the player to figure out different teams and even runes for the event.

    Yesterday, my hero that has the highest attack died on the second run of the dungeon. I panicked, thinking I wouldn’t get very far. But after thinking critically, I found a team that lead me to 16 more completions.

    I love this event! And I love the fact I am not “pressured” to purchase anything to be more effective. I’m Vip 4, and I kinda like what I’ve spent and where I’m at in the game.

    Thanks! And my apologies for the wall of text.
  • TchikkiTchikki Member
    I understand why you changed it, but I am asking that you change it to 600 pts. Making it all the way through an escalating Dungeon and not making it with only the boss standing deserves more than 200 points. There are a lot of us who aren't exploiting the event mechanics. There is now no way for me to make my guild minimum point amount without breaking my bank account with buying gems to reset this dungeon. Making it 600 points gives us a chance at making our guild minimums. I have one other recommendation: When you use an escalating Dungeon again, would you also consider giving us the choice of another non-escalating dungeon that gives less points? That way we have a better chance at gaining our objectives during events. I think this is not only a reasonable request, I imagine a lot of other people who can only make it through a frustrating few times would appreciate the opportunity to auto run the dungeon when you need to hit it over a hundred times to get guild minimum.
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