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Due to a rather random celestial I bring you Tsume! By far one of the most popular characters in the game. You'll be hard pressed to find a PVP opponent who doesn't run him. Especially in Mid game. He loses some relevance when you start unlocking other nature heroes but quickly resurges with some pretty good abilities I may say. But the question is if he's flawless. There's been a small growth of users who are really starting to favor Phemus over him. But even if his popularity is overtaken this demonic nature hero will definitely remain strong.

Tsume is unlocked around the time Abigail and NubNub are unlocked (Maybe Selwyn if you didn't grind his dungeons.) and can be considered a second world hero. After being stuck with Willow, Stonefist, Yasmin, Rogar, and whatever else you grabbed from the portal a lot of players cling to these new heroes and train them. Although Rogar, Stonefist, and Willow usually get a resurgence once a player beats the Lich. One may overlook Tsume. Many did before he became the most popular hero. When Alpha was released the most popular player for a while was Shadowblade, the Archangel Emily, Then Life Reaper Brom, Then NubNub, and now we're at Tsume. Any newbie already knows his power and being overlooked is sparse. Heck I use him on raids all the time.

Contrary to normal I will start this with Tsume's Passive ability Savage Fury. Which if utilized properly can be devastating. The attack buff he'll get from just being hammered down to low health is literally unmatched being able to take out bulky fire heroes in a swing if his health is low enough. Yes Tsume's greatest draw is Savage Fury. No one can argue with that. It makes him unique and very versatile. He has health to back it up too. So
letting Tsume get hit by a multi target attack gives him an edge in a fight.

Tsume's Soul Shred is probably his second best asset. This is a massive damage attack that really hurts even without Savage fury. It also removes buffs which makes taunt strategies pretty much useless. He can wipe the floor with them. When combined with Savage fury no one survives. I've been the dealer of it and the receiver. Tsume uses this ability third round on defense (Occasionally second if you're unlucky.) so taking him out is crucial especially when he starts with double chop.

Speaking of Double Chop... It's a great but simple attack. There is no secret to it. Hit the foe twice for bonus damage. Useful and pretty much as simple as its title.

Then we get rampage which I will admit is unreliable but strong. It's like a slightly stronger version of Soul shred but does damage to 1-3 enemies. It hits someone no matter what and then randomly selects two foes (1 if you're low enough.) Kind of like Skull Cracker but on three foes. Savage fury doesn't hurt this one either.

He's also magical so that means mages like Ignus, Selwyn, and Kobal will not do as much damage to him as say... Lady Nim. I can't really say much as mages aren't very prominent in the meta game so this ability is circumstantial at best.

Spirit of Nature is where things get interesting. Remember Willow? You know how she gets a boost for all nature allies? Well so Does Tsume. To say these two make a perfect tag team is being too nice but really they are amazing together. Tsume gets an attack boost and she gets a health boost which makes them more durable and damaging. Tsume also benefits from allies like Ella and Selwyn who tend to draw fire from foes. This allows Tsume to weather more hits and activate that savage fury ability which if supped up does even more damage.

So what do we have to worry about? Well Lady Nim is one. Get over here and Flaming Arrow just... Kill Tsume. Also single target attacks can leave Tsume weak due to Savage Fury not being activated. Remember that his attack isn't the best on its own. Plus Kobal an nerf him by only doing slight damage and diseasing him. On that note on defense find a way to counter the powerful Shadowblade and Black Diamond Tag team. They can defeat him before he even attacks. He shares this weakness with Lady Nim so the two of them paired forces the foe to select one over the other.

So my final thoughts are that Tsume is very good in the Meta Game, the campaign, and as a shared hero. He's just good. But he isn't perfect and I kind of do see why Phemus is becoming popular. People are starting to use Yoko often and Phemus is a complete response to this growing strategy. Tsume may not always be on top but he will always be relevant.

Enjoy your savage.

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    While goh is usually a 1hko on tsumes that aren't fully ascended, flaming arrow on the other hand is very ineffective against tsume. Magical lowers the damage as it takes tsume down to his 2.5 - 3 multiplier. Thus I'm actually more worried about raiding defense that run non-ascended nim.
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  • It's a good thing you did it cause I'm gonna unlock him today
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