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Welcome to the forum!

If you have an issue regarding an in-game purchase or trouble logging into the game, then the wonderful people at Big Fish will help you out. To get started, click the following link:

If you're having a technical issue with the game (or this forum), first use the forum search feature, then scan the topics in Home->Bugs and Technical Issues. If you still need help, create a topic and change the category to "Bugs and Technical issues". Try to be as specific as possible with your question! Always best to use the exact terminology from the game. If it's relevant, let us know the chapter and level numbers and include screen shots, if possible.

The forum administrators are @Joel and @Eej. They work for Boss Fight (they made the game). If you urgently need to report something (e.g. a severe or catastrophic bug, a significant game play exploit, or someone behaving very badly in chat), use the forum messaging system (the envelope at the top right of this page) and send either or both of them a message.

The Dungeon Boss HQ can be found here.

How do I turn off chat? Right now, this can't be done. You can ignore people by tapping on their name in chat. You can also switch the chat language and might find a peaceful spot elsewhere.

What are hammers for? Hammers are required to upgrade your dungeon. Your Dungeon is unlocked at level 10. At level 10 you can start raiding other players and steal their gold, and win big tournament prizes!

Looking for other advice? Try the search box at the top of the forum, e.g. type "Kang Kung" in there and push go! There is an advanced search feature, you can access this by performing a search, then click or tap on the down arrow on the right of your search text.

Still no luck? Just post a new topic in General Discussion, and someone will be along as soon as possible to help.

Just remember, sometimes they need to reboot the server. No need for everyone to start a brand new topic on the subject. One will do!

Update from October 2015, regarding Loot Keys!

What are Loot Keys for?

When you beat a dungeon without any of your heroes being killed (at all, as ressurections don't apply here), you will get a 3 star rating for that dungeon.
Once you obtain a 3 star rating for a dungeon, you will get the option to "Quick Loot" it. This basically means you don't have to play the dungeon, instead pay the regular stamina cost plus one Loot Key and he loot is instantly yours. You will also get extra XP potions, compensating for the fact that heroes don't play the dungeon, so they miss out on regular XP gains. You can get loot keys from daily rewards, portals and from chests in dungeons.

Note from Joel: Just popped in here to make a minor addition and edit. Thanks again for the awesome post, Itchytorturepox!
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    @Joel can you please delete the two duplicates? I got the forum maintenance messages when I tried to post them and didn't realize they'd actually been posted.
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  • I was gonna say why did you make 3
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    Nice read me Itchy.

    @Joel Sticky?
    Recommended change: Give Tsume an afro!
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    @Joel, if you post a suitably edited copy of the first post in this thread, in the Bugs & Technical Issues forum, as a sticky, I'm sure it would help reduce the number of commonly posted help requests.
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    Move this to new to the dungeons as well. It'll fit better there.
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  • thanks for the great game, well done, fave characters are Lady Nimriel 2x damage versus Tank Hunters and Yasmin Bloom and Stone Fist and Squinch for 1.5 times special attack bonuses, enjoy them all. TQ
  • @Itchytorturepox heya :) you should add the use of keys ^.^ thanks for your kind post
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    Have a Boss day :)
  • How do I change my forum title from 'Member' to 'Village Idiot'?
  • you should add a part about tower of pwnage.
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  • Useful info thanks :)
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    Go chibi Reiuji Utsuho!!! aka. Okuu
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         \:/    \ \   _,,,... -‐<> 、,_ノノ  }
         .;'      ,.>''"´`''ー─ ''"´ ̄   `゙ヽ.__ノ
          '、_,,.. '"´

    Thank you spoiler tag!!! Chen Stays!!!
  • I just want to solve the scavenger hunt
  • Hi
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