Fire hero for PVP

Okay, What fire hero do you think goes well with my team? I usually use : bovus, nubnub, igorok, and tsume. I have lady nimriel but i need a bit more fire characters to help me raid. I'm a new player, so keep that in mind. (Also , I very much so hope i put this in the right discussion as i am also new to the forum.) Also, Any other character ideas are welcome.


  • Short answer without knowing a lot more information about what heroes you have and more...Nim is good in PvP on both offense and defense. Who you should use will depend on who else you have, what their ascensions and star levels are versus who the defender has.
  • Torchy should definitely be on your pvp hero short list. If you don't have him yet, he's farmable in campaign and also shows up in the Great Summon.
  • Rogar Stonecrusher; he will benefit from your Bovus passive of 15% more hp for warriors. His Perfect Swing passive will guarantee you hit all those pesky rogues with high dodge and if you get hit with daze.
  • Thanks for all the help so far guys!
  • You need 2 fire heores. Torchy and Abigail the brutal. Believe it or not Abigail is better than nim and Torchy can kill bovus if you have him properly stared. What level are you. I recommend atleast 3*
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