[Feedback] This game needs more frequent balance changes (And my thoughts on the caster problem)

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The last time we got a patch was in December and since the PVP update there has been 3 distinct tiers of heroes, the 10 heroes that everyone uses because they're either OP or they just work because their mechanics are best suited to the fast pace of PVP (Bovus' ability to lower energy, Yoko's guaranteed daze, NubNub's ability to take a metric sh*t-ton of punishment and heal it all back up, Masuta Kira's ability to render a whole sub-class of heroes null and void with PWN Undead or Black Diamond because crits galore), the other 30 that can work but only if youre building a comp around them since they get pwned by the upper tier of heroes and the 10 you dont even bother using, like, ever because the things that make them good can be done by higher tier heroes and done better as well. (I will explain this below)

In a game as PVP focused as Dungeon Boss, 3 months is too long to wait for balance changes, eg. Bovus El Doro has been running rampant for months now and the only thing that was done about him was giving Ekko a Team Energy Vault passive that only works 50% of the time, I feel this is a real slap in the face, since Bovus can do this 100% of the time, wouldn't it make sense for Ekko to block it 100% of the time since youre spending a hero slot on a support hero, a slot that could be used for a rogue or Tsume? Another pointer is the curious case of Balog the Barbarian. To put it simply, why would you want a slow hero with a silence when you can use Bovus and get the same effect while also not being hindered by move priority like Balog is? And did I mention Bovus does Balog's thing but in an AoE and gets cooler stuff too, and lets not forget that being a slow dark attribute hero is a real kick in the pants with the terrible 2 being so popular (BD and Kira)

Another example is the ever classic case of Selwyn vs Igorok, 2 heroes that do more or less the same thing, but statwise and the way they function, there is literally no reason you should ever choose Selwyn over Igorok because Igorok has no trade-off for the things he does, Igorok has more damage across the board and has way more attack, defense, health and damage than the squishy Selwyn and the functional difference in their ascended abilities benefits Igorok way more than Selwyn, which is pretty much why casters have the problems they do, because they don't have access to the fast trait like Rogues do and they're so squishy that a single Rogue will ruin their life, and they also have less damage than most tanks as well.

But to truly examine the problems with casters, we need to look at the 3 casters who have a real fighting chance in PVP situations, Nitpick, Pontifex Mortis and Icebloom, for starters, their stats and abilities give them enough to survive a 1st turn onslaught from Willows or Shadowblades and both have their own unique identity as a hero. Nitpick has his own niche as a caster because his Meteor Storm has a good chance to burn the whole enemy team and has great damage as well, and his strength in PVP is due to Indigo's inviability in PVP situations. Icebloom doesn't excel in damage like Pontifex or Nitpick, but has a myriad of utility effects that make her a great choice for any team, whereas Pontifex has innate survivability with his Soul Eater passive and good damage, and his Doom Bolt can ruin any Armoured hero's day and Bone Armour makes him pretty hard to kill as well, another noteworthy hero, Kobal the Pestilent has decent stats and a distinct identity as an AoE disabler while still having better damage than Icebloom, but being a dark hero and not having Ponti-level stats he is rendered BD fodder and more often than not dies before he can do anything, and then theres the other casters who have no chance in PVP because they lack damage and the things that are meant to make them special are done better by other heroes. (eg. Ignus < Squinch/Mangle Jaw, Selwyn < IGOROK, Balog < Bovus, can go on but won't)

I'm not asking for much, but as a player who has completed Campaign and invests most of my time into PVP, so much more could be done to balance out some of the problematic heroes who have been so dominant for so long, and I'm sure there are many people out there who agree with me. So please take this feedback into account.
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  • Another example is the ever classic case of Selwyn vs Igorok, 2 heroes that do more or less the same thing, but statwise and the way they function, there is literally no reason you should ever choose Selwyn over Igorok because Igorok has no trade-off for the things he does

    I'm not suggesting the balance is correct between those two, but I'll give you one reason why someone would choose Selwyn over Igorok - you can get Selwyn and skill him up as F2P or nearly F2P. So there's a spending carrot there.
    so much more could be done to balance out some of the problematic heroes who have been so dominant for so long

    Is the problem the heroes who have been dominant, or the heroes who are too weak to see action? I always find it curious when a player calls for nerfs. In a case of imbalance, the key is in the word balance - heroes that are too strong need a tweak down, but heroes that are too weak also need a tweak upwards; the reality is usually somewhere in the middle as opposed to just nerfing dominant heroes; and game developers (generally here) seem to much prefer nerfing stuff for some reason.

    Let's use your Balog and Bovus example. Make Balog not slow, and suddenly he becomes useful. Make Bovus slow, and suddenly no one will use him. So is the problem the dominant hero as you suggest, or the fact that Balog just isn't holding up his end? If Balog was normal speed... I'd suggest he's an instant alternative to Bovus (AFAIK his shutdown is individual, but lasts longer), whereas if Bovus was made slow... no one would use him. That suggests that the real problem is that Balog is slow!

    I would also suggest there are ethical and possibly even legal issues with nerfing heroes, given the fact that in this game players can buy *specific* hero related items (i.e. ascension packs). If someone bought a Bovus ascension pack and he got "balanced", then you have a possible case for the player being morally and possibly legally entitled to a refund. Even if there is no legal basis for that, I can see a lot of the spending going *poof* if players don't have any confidence that the product they are buying will stay that way for any length of time. Much better to bring underperforming heroes up to scratch.

    Staying that way for any length of time brings us to:
    This game needs more frequent balance changes
    (emphasis added)

    You might not have the same perception of "frequent" as I do, but this gives me the shivers. The last thing I want is for heroes to be changing every week.

    I'm not suggesting they would do this, but imagine if the Devs one week made Set A the meta. Next week those heroes are rendered useless by Set B, and everyone has to scramble to acquire and skill up Set B. Doesn't affect those folks that have all 6* FA heroes, but the rest (majority) of us, would be ill equipped to keep pace or have to throw lots of money at it.

    We also then get into the spending conundrum - do I buy this ascension pack when next week the hero might be far less useful? (Do I buy IGOROK's pack? Next week Selwyn might be better than him! - lol at the thought)

    Like I said, weekly perhaps wasn't what you had in mind when you used the word "frequent". Of maybe it was.

    I'm more in favour of stability myself, and tweaks to underperforming heroes.

    There are reasons popular heroes get used. There are also reasons unpopular heroes *don't* get used.
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