I know that u probaly have a lot of questions if you're new. here are a few questions u may have:

Q: What are the hammers?
A: When u unlock My dungeon (at lv. 10), u can use it to upgrade your chest to increase production rate and u can upgrade how much pesty raiders get by making sure they don't get ALL of your gold in the chest.

Q: What are the keys for?
A: the golden brownish keys with little decorations on them are loot keys. Once u reach lv. 10 (if I recall correctly) u can use them to get the chest u get from the end of the lv. but u must 3 star it. U still have to use energy ( more information once u reach that point).

Q: What is My Dungeon?
A: U can raid other players for gold and scrolls. As it says above, u can upgrade your chest and u have 4 heroes to guard your chest. BTW, don't worry about getting to much money, the only money other raiders get it the money in your chest.

Q: What is the Tower of Pwnage?
A: The tower of pwnage is a series of levels (12) where u can use 4 heroes at a time. if they die u can try again with other heroes (u can use all your heroes til there all dead.) It is unlocked at lv. 28. Your loot u get from each floor grows each lv. u complete. u can get pwnage points for the pwnage shop and get gems once u reach lv. 7 (it gives some of the gems, but not all at that lv.)

Q: What are Guilds?
A: u can do specail quests to get crowns for your guild and every week u get the rewards depending on what rank or how many crowns your guild get. There is a max of 50 people for each guild. the ranks are officer, member, and guild master (there is only 1 guild master for each guild).


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