Have had no strategy but I need one now...

I have now been playing for 2 days and have accrued the following characters:
Pontifex Mortis - 3 stars / lvl 11
Stonefist - 2/11
Yasmin Bloom - 2/11
Bovus El Doro - 1/11
Abigail the Brutal - 1/11
Alexandros - 3/10
Overlord Executum - 2/10
Phemus - 1/1
Rogar Stonecrusher - 2/10

I have several that are close to summoning:

Lady Nimriel is 68 of 100 until summoning
Tsome is 8/10
Thsomething Fiddlestorm is 6/30
archangel Emily is 5/30

Ive been using PM, SF, OE and RS for Raids and defense and 3 or those 4 for dungeons.

What would my best team to focus on be? And would anyone mind giving me some advice to shoot for as far as levelling and getting characters to make a good group?


  • HaxusBloodbaneHaxusBloodbane Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Pick around eight heroes you really like using, make sure it's a variety of casters, healers, brawlers, and so forth. This way you won't be so low on gold your teams are subpar. The best thing you can give yourself is options. relying on one hero or team isn't a good idea.
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