Catacomb of Muck

How do I get past this? It's the third level so I know it is silly to be stuck. But I run into Alexandrios in the first stage every time, and it takes all my skills and potions to beat him. Then I'm easy pickings for the rest of the dungeon. I played this game a little before and got to level 15, took a break and decided to start over. I don't remember this roadblock at all. Any tips? If I reload will he disappear?


  • Generic solution: level up more and try again.
    Formerly of the Potato Army. I've mostly quit playing DB. However, I can be reach in Book of Heroes (in game or forum) as bbbb.
  • Ya, I get that, but I'm level 5 on the third level. seems like it should be enough. Also, he crits and shield bashes me for 450 damage at a shot which is a one hit kill. I don't think another level will defeat that.
  • If I'm not mistaken, his appearance is a result of the current event. It's random, so he shouldn't show up every time, and he'll not show up after tomorrow afternoon when the event ends.
  • oh ok. thanks.
  • I'm just going to go back to my old account, this is too frustrating.

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